Coaching With Eisve Treciakauskaite:

1:1 Sessions | 3-Month Program

One-on-one Sessions

($350 per 1 hour session)

1:1 session is a coaching call with Eisve where we will look into areas of your life that you struggle with.

Eisve helps to deconstruct your limiting beliefs and mindset constraints. You can feel relief after the fist session.

1:1 session includes one hours of coaching online, plus a recording of your session and any additional recommended and discussed tools.


3-Month Program

($3,000 for continuous work & consultations)

If you wish to continue working with Eisve through the 3-Month Program. The Program includes a self study course about the different lenses on life, journaling practice, and a way to live whole-heartedly life.

You can apply for the Monthly Program after participating in 1:1 session.

  • The curriculum doesn't have to be completed in consecutive weeks. 

  • Once the client commits to the program, Eisve is committed to any questions that may arise, clients can reach out. 

  • Once the program is complete, clients are welcome to continue on a month to month basis. t

Contact [email protected] to enroll and apply for Monthly Program following your one-on-one session.


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